Lviv Polytechnic

Lviv Polytechnic National University Lviv Polytechnic National University is the largest university in Lviv and the oldest technical educational institution in Ukraine. Since its foundation in 1816, it has become one of the most important centers of technical sciences and technological developments in Central Europe. Now it becomes also a powerful research and development center. During its 200-years history, LPU has participated in founding a number of leading technical universities in Ukraine (Ivano-Frankivsk State University of Oil and Gas, Ivan Puluj Ternopil State Technical University, Lutsk State Technical University) and in Poland (Wroclaw, Silesia, Krakow and Gdansk Polytechnics).

Lviv Polytechnic National University

The University has trained over 150,000 professionals, among them over 3,000 are foreigners from almost 90 countries of the world.

The main University activities are:
  • training of high level scientific and educational research staff;
  • scientific research and development of novel technical systems and products.

The University structure includes 16 educational and scientific institutes, Scientific and Research Design Institute of Electronic Measuring and Computational Equipment (NDKI ELVIT), Crystal Scientific and Research Center of Solid State Electronics and Sensors, Special Design Bureau of Electromechanical Systems (SDBEMS), 85 research and testing branch laboratories.

Today over 35,000 students are studying at the university. There are 64 bachelor programmes (undergraduate/first cycle), and 124 master’s programmes (graduate/second cycle), and 54 PhD programmes (postgraduate/third cycle). The educational process is provided by more than 2300 teachers, including 250 PhDs, professors and 1,180 candidates of sciences, associate professors.

LPU has a long tradition of international education and scientific cooperation. During the period of the last 50 years, about 3,000 Master degrees and more than 130 doctorates have been awarded to international students from over 70 countries. University provides over 20 annual international conferences in various engineering domains. Recently LPU conducts 12 projects in cooperation with EU units. In 2007/2008, according to Bologna process, LPN has adapted and implemented a unified ECTS 3-levels education system, which makes possible for the LPU to be a part of the European educational network.

The LPU graduates are employed at research, development, manufacturing, design and advisory institutions, at domestic and offshore international companies and their branch offices, and at all institutions, where computer systems and information technologies are used. The research activities of the university are oriented mostly on Microsystems engineering/design and custom software development for design & engineering tools. Today LPU actively implements new specialization and develop teaching laboratory, related to Microsystems Engineering, particularly in the field of Intelligent Microsystems.

The applied research led by LPU is focused on meeting the demand of the industry for new, advanced and innovative technologies and products in the field of Electronics, Materials Science, Information Systems & Communication Technologies. LPU develops and sells market products such as specialized, custom design devices, services and intellectual property rights for domestic and foreign customers.

The Department of Computer-Aided Design

The Department of Computer-Aided Design (CAD)The Department of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) was established in 1989 within the Radio Engineering Faculty to train engineers in "Computer-Aided Design" and lead the CADSM conference for over 30 years.

Prof. Mykhaylo Lobur (conference chairman) is the Head of the CAD Department since May 3, 2000.

The department is situated in the education building IV (rooms 318-324). There are 5 education laboratories equipped with modern computers (107 computers), that are connected to a general network of the university with access to the Internet.