Frequently Asked Questions

When do we need to pay for the submitted paper?

The payment of the conference fee should be done after the conference scientific committee accepted your paper for publication. You will be notified about it on 27-29 January 2019 with the details on payment procedure. Please notice, all payments should be done after the notification of paper acceptance.

What will be the cost of the conference fee provided for 2 authors (Ph.D. student and his/her supervisor - Doctor of Science)?

If the first author is a Ph.D./graduate student and then goes his/her supervisor, the cost of the conference fee is defined as for Ph.D. student and depending on the term of payment (before February 10th or after).

If I pay conference fee as a Ph.D. student, do all other coauthors should be Ph.D. students?

If a Ph.D. student is a second or another coauthor, then the amount of the conference fee will be determined by the title of the first author. Similarly, for MS and BS students enrolled at universities.

My paper is accepted. How can I pay conference fees?

Payments methods:

1. Cash: all payments must be done directly to Halyna Mykhailivna (Lviv Polytechnic National University, building 4, room 501a). If you have a coupon for a discount, please print it and bring it with you.

2. Cashless: Please, use following links to download files with bank details:

Bank account Information (тут будемо вставляти договір від ІЕЕЕ, поки ще не надіслали)

How can I get a discount/coupon for participation in the conference?

In order to achieve this coupon for a discount please follow the link and fill in necessary fields on the Google Form. All forms will be evaluated and the best answers will be granted the discount for conference fees. There are only 15 discount coupons. The deadline for submitting this form for discounts is February 15th, 17:00.

If I submit an article and it will be accepted for publication in conference proceedings, but I will not pay the Conference fee, what are the consequences?

In this case, your thesis will not be sent for indexing in the IEEE databases, and all authors of the paper will be listed in the "blacklist" of all IEEE journals and conferences held under the auspices of IEEE.

If I submit an article, paid conference fees but did not present the results of my research on the conference.

Under the decision of a scientific and technical committee of the CADSM conference, if no one from coauthors will present the results of their research, this paper will be published in the conference proceedings, but will not be sent for indexing in the IEEE databases.

How many papers can one author submit?

Each author may submit up to 4 papers that are written in the established rules and the corresponding payment for each of them must be done.

How many authors can be in the paper?

The number of authors is not stated by the IEEE organization. However, each paper should include only those, who have a direct involvement on the results presented in the paper.

I need an invitation letter to the conference. How and where can I get it?

An official invitation letter for CADSM conference will be sent to all participants who have submitted papers that were accepted by scientific and technical committee members after the review. These letters will be sent to the emails of participants, which were specified on the EasyChair website. The time for issuing of these invitation letters is 1-3 days after the decision to participate will be sent to authors.