The topics of Conference include

1. CAD modern information technology
1.1. Visual Modeling.
1.2. Development and analysis of remote design tools.
1.3. Concurrent and distribution systems.
1.4. Distribution computing in networks.
1.5. Perspective directions of software development and technological processes testing.
2. Design of specialized systems and devices
2.1. Specialized computer system.
2.2. Computer system and networks.
2.3. Data and knowledge bases.
2.4. Technology and system automated processing of text and graphics information.
2.5. Design of MEMS elements. CAD systems for MEMS design
3. Models and methods for radioelectronics device and system design
3.1. Signal processing in radioelectronic system and telecommunications.
3.2. Telecommunications and radioelectronic design tools.
3.3. Methods and tools of digital signal processing.
3.4. New materials in microelectronics.
3.5. Tasks of reliability estimation.
4. Optimal design problems
4.1. Tasks of optimal design.
4.2. Object-oriented design methods.
4.3. Combinatorial and graph tasks of huge size.
4.4. Constructor design of radio-electronics means.
4.5. Design solving verification.
4.6. Thermal problems in microelectronics.
5. Models and methods for microelectromechanical systems
5.1. A mathematical model of sensors and actuators.
5.2. Microsystems modeling and design.
5.3. New microelectronic technologies.
5.4. The new technology of IC and MEMS industry.
6. Practical applications of CAD systems
6.1. Modern CAD in robotics and IoT systems.
6.2 Embedded systems design and practical realization.
6.3. Industrial applications of algorithms and design approach.
7. Technologies for medicine
7.1. Biomedical Electronics.
7.2. CAD in medical applications.
7.3. Reengineering based on CAD models.
7.4. Electronic and computer tools in biomedical engineering.
7.5. CAD models comparative analysis.